A trekking tour on the Baška – Batomalj – Pod Lipicu route will give you the oportunity to learn about the ethnologic plenty and biodiversity of endemic species found in the vicinity of Baška. From the centre of Baška, participants will pass the Vela plaža beach in the direction of Zaroke and trek along the Vela Rika river bed and numerous pastures, being watched by flocks of sheep along the way. Locals in Batomalj will welcome the trekkers with domestic foods, followed by a light upwards trek towards Pod Lipicu. After a short break, trekkers will head back to Baška. During the trek, members of the Sinjali cultural heritage society will give a lecture on the glagollic letter sculptures that can be found all over Baška. And if somebody is up for adventure, we recommend the Crna ovca Hunt for the glagollic letters.
All participants are advised to bring trekking equipment (trekking boots, appropriate clothing, sunglasses and a backpack to carry enoguh water for a four hour trek.
Route: Baška – Batomalj – Pod Lipicu – Baška (8.5km)